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    People Are Prone to Stupid Mistakes

    Your Future is Up to YOU!

    We know better. We know we shouldn't do something, but we do it anyway. One stupid mistake can have lifelong consequences.​

    Charlie Seraphin explores "Making Good Decisions in a Crazy World." A recognized leader in broadcast media and professional sports, Seraphin draws on his background and experience in critical situations to articulate a formula for making the right decision every time. Whether you're stressing about a potential crisis, planning a career move, or contemplating what you want to do with your life, Charlie's down to earth, simple, solid approach to personal decision-making can help you avoid cognitive dissonance...and making stupid mistakes. "We all have the tools to make the right decision every time, but too often we talk ourselves into decisions that go against our instincts. Decision-making is a skill that is learned through repetition. Much like an athletic skill, disciplined practice leads to perfection and success."

    Charlie Seraphin